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With snap weights for trolling, you can use your favorite rods and simply clip on and go. I recently downloaded the precision trolling app to get dive curves for some new lures and see that all of their snap weight charts utilize the off shore guppy shaped weights for their data…problem is they are sold out.

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Precision Trolling Data For Android – Apk Download

This is a simple online version of the android app.


Precision trolling app snap weights. Four factors are too many to graph easily. The original 16 baits were selected based on app sales data. The process of testing lures in combination with snap weights takes more than twice as long to collect compared to the other popular data published by precision trolling data.

Snap weights are simple, you clip on a weight onto your fishing line away from your crankbait. For $2.99 you can get real data on this particular combo. One of the most underused tools available on the market today for walleye trolling has to be the use of snap weights.

These clips have a pin behind the line pad to keep them from falling off your line. Get the precision trolling app that will get you close using snap weights. Weight trolling is highly speed dependent!

The android apps works offline so take it anywhere! So, once you have decided on your speed and the weight of the snap weights you are going to use next you have to determine your dropper lengths. Mar 27th, 2019 by keith worrall 1002.

No need for a bunch of different sizes, the 2oz is all you need. (2) weight of the sinker or lure: Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information.

The familiar “dive curves” made popular in the precision trolling book are now incorporated into easy to use “pickers” or “wheels”. This allows lures of smaller size and in shorter lengths to get down in the water columns. And (4) length of the line below the water surface.

This is the size used on the precision trolling data lure app and dive charts. The book had a few different methods for using snaps as well. Like you mentioned, you can use the precision trolling book if you use the 50/50 method (50 ft leader/50 ft dropper) and your speed lines up with one of their graphs.

Depths shown are lure depths obtained by letting out a 50 ft leader, attaching the weight, then letting out 50 ft of additional line. The big reason it takes so long to collect this data boils down to speed control and the need to capture data at three different common trolling speeds. We've successfully tested our snaps on multiple different lines:

Precision trolling data uses highly trained scuba divers and sophisticated scuba techniques to actually observe lures and trolling gear as they. I've heard and read a few different opinions on how deep a snap weight will influence lure depth. Using heavy snap weights is very, very simple.

The sizes 1/2, 1 ounce, 1.5 ounce and 2.0 ounce are currently included in the ptd app with one speed option of 1.5 mph. Precision trolling data will continue to add snap weight data in combination with lures as time allows. The next batch of test baits will flesh out the original 16 baits by expanding on the shad, jerkbait and high action wobbling categories.

Precision trolling data, llc is an independent company that documents the diving depth of popular fishing lures such as crankbaits and also common trolling hardware such as diving planers and also sinking lines like lead core. The offshore snap on weights appear to be in the precision trolling app under offshore when you go to purchase lures & packages. The depth bars shown represent the range of multiple measurements while maintaining the average speed indicated.

Because anglers use a host of lead lengths when fishing with snap weights, the data is based on the running depth of the snap weight. The new precision trolling data app allows anglers to access a wealth of trolling data. View profile view forum posts private message view report entries view articles view classifieds.

Snakebite snap weights provide an extremely accurate trolling technique for a wide range of baits. The offshore guppy snap weights.what is the lead length they used to get their calculations of depth for these?i have tried to ask them with no response thanks! I have been running planer boards for years but have never tried pulling cranks with snap weights before and want to add the 50+2 method to my arsenal.

1 oz snap and deep walleye. Four factors influence snap weights trolling depth chart: How to use the new snap weight data on the app.

I pour my own weights and i generally use 8 oz. I bought into the precision trolling app (based on stuff i read here at ogf) and that app is telling me they measured the depth of a deep walleye bandit 5/8oz using their 50+2 method (lure then 50ft of berkley 10xt line, then 2 oz snap weight) and found that at 2.5mph, the lure ran 30 ft deep when it was a total of 133 ft back. If fishing in 30 feet as an example, let out 30 feet, attach the snap weight, let out 30 more feet of line, troll at somewhere around 2 mph and catch fish.

Ptd 50 plus 2 method explained. Pro weight & snap weight systems 10lb mono: Modified mar 27th, 2019 at 7:51 pm.

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Off Shore 50 50 Depth Chart Precission Trolling App Michigan Sportsman Forum

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Precision Trolling Data For Android – Apk Download

80mm 13g Fishing Lures Walk-the-dog Floating Pencil Swimbait Shopee Indonesia

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How To Use The Precision Trolling Data App

Reel Oh Jigging Ajiking Rome Lv 100101200201 Lazada Indonesia

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Precision Trolling Data For Android – Apk Download

Tips On Precision Trolling Data And The 502 Method – Youtube

80mm 13g Fishing Lures Walk-the-dog Floating Pencil Swimbait Shopee Indonesia

80mm 13g Fishing Lures Walk-the-dog Floating Pencil Swimbait Shopee Indonesia

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Precision Trolling Data For Android – Apk Download

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20 Plus 2 Method Of Precision Trolling Data Precision Trolling Data

Precision Trolling By Precision Angling Llc

Precision Trolling On The App Store

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The 50 Plus 2 Method Precision Trolling Data

80mm 13g Fishing Lures Walk-the-dog Floating Pencil Swimbait Shopee Indonesia

80mm 13g Fishing Lures Walk-the-dog Floating Pencil Swimbait Shopee Indonesia

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The 50 Plus 2 Method Precision Trolling Data

Precision Trolling By Precision Angling Llc

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