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How To Know When To Refinish Hardwood Floors

If you’re hesitant about refinishing your floors on your own, consider hiring a professional like hardwood planet to refinish them for you. One way to tell if your wood floor need refinishing or reapplication of polyurethane is to test if the current finish is intact.

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You will also need to make sure that you have the right tools for sanding, staining, and varnishing.


How to know when to refinish hardwood floors. This is why it is important to be educated on any product used on your floors. All you have to do is refinish it. Next, we advise you to listen to and study your floors for signs of movement.

This is great news because a screen and recoat is often one of the most profitable jobs a contractor can take on. And it can be sanded and refinished easily six. Refinishing hardwood floors is an excellent way to restore the wood’s natural beauty and save money at the same time.

In this guide, i`ll take a look at how to sand and refinish hardwood flooring, how to refinish without having to. Wood and water does not mix, if it happens then expect wood floor buckling, growth of mold and rotting to take place. The necessary supplies for refinishing hardwood floors include a floor sander and stripper, protective equipment, and materials.

Hardwood flooring can take 10 to 12 complete sanding and refinishing jobs during its lifetime. A solid hardwood plank at least 3/4 inches thick will likely need to be refinished four to six times during its total lifespan. Splash few drops of water on the floor, if the water beads up them your finish is intact but if it get absorbed into your wood, then it’s time to refinish your.

As it ages, hardwood flooring can get scratched and dull. How to tell if your hardwood floor will withstand a refinish. It can be kind of tricky to figure out whether your should buff and recoat, refinish, or replace a hardwood floor altogether.

It’s commonly accepted that you refinish every seven to ten years. If your boards creak with every step and announce the arrival of every person in the room, you’re likely in need of hardwood floor refinishing. A solid rule of thumb is that a typical solid hardwood floor can be refinished four or five times before it needs to be replaced, so if you know your floor’s history, you may not need to measure its remaining thickness.

Most of the time, you can simply buff and recoat the floor. Before you begin refinishing your hardwood floor, you need to be able to determine what products are currently on your floors; But unlike other types of flooring, hardwood flooring can make a comeback.

Some hardwood is only 1/4 inches thick. Inability to do so can cause unnecessary delays, which lengthens the sanding process. Floors creak when the wood rubs against itself or the subfloor below.

When refinishing hardwood floors in virginia, you can expect any estimator to analyze the type of wood, its current condition, and square footage. To sand and refinish your hardwood floor, you need to get the necessary tools ready. You may opt to skip sanding when refinishing.

Sanding hardwood floors releases lots of dust into the air. Besides, a properly maintained wood floor can go 20 or 30 years or more before needing to be refinished, says lupresto. To completely refinish a hardwood floor—including sanding down the top layer to bare wood, then applying several coats of new finish like polyurethane— $1.50 to $4.

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